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The 🇮🇴 flag british indian ocean territory emoji

What is this emoji 🇮🇴? The 🇮🇴 emoji represents the flag of the British Indian Ocean Territory, a British overseas territory located in the Indian Ocean. The flag consists of a blue field with the Union Jack in the canton and a coat of arms in the fly. The coat of arms depicts a palm tree and a crown. This emoji is commonly used to represent the British Indian Ocean Territory or to express pride or patriotism towards it.

Meaning of emoji 🇮🇴?

Wondering What does the Flag: British Indian Ocean Territory emoji mean on snapchat, twitter or text message? curious about receiving the 🇮🇴 emoji from a guy or girl?

The 🇮🇴 emoji is used to symbolize the British Indian Ocean Territory. It can also be used to represent British culture, history, or colonialism. In some contexts, it may simply be used to indicate the presence of British or English nationals.

How to use flag british indian ocean territory emoji?

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127470 127476

Extra information of flag british indian ocean territory

Emoji version: 2.0
Unicode version: 2.0
Skin tone support: no
Updated 5/24/2024