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The 🇪🇪 flag estonia emoji

What is this emoji 🇪🇪? The 🇪🇪 emoji depicts the flag of Estonia. It consists of three equal horizontal stripes of blue, black, and white from top to bottom. The blue represents the blue skies and numerous lakes of the country, the black symbolizes the fertile soil and dark forests, and the white represents purity and goodness. The flag was officially adopted on November 21, 1918, and it represents the independence and national identity of Estonia.

Meaning of emoji 🇪🇪?

Wondering What does the Flag: Estonia emoji mean on snapchat, twitter or text message? curious about receiving the 🇪🇪 emoji from a guy or girl?

The 🇪🇪 emoji is primarily used to represent Estonia, its culture, and its people. It can be used to show national pride, celebrate Estonian holidays and events, or simply to indicate that the speaker is from or has a connection to Estonia. Additionally, it can be used in discussions related to travel, geography, or international relations.

How to use flag estonia emoji?

Here some flag estonia emoji usage examples:

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Get flag estonia emoji code in HTML hex and more

127466 127466

Extra information of flag estonia

Emoji version: 2.0
Unicode version: 2.0
Skin tone support: no
Updated 5/7/2024