The Most Popular Emojis of 2023 🏆

Discover the top 100 emojis of 2023 based on usage data and trends. Find out which emoticons are the most popular and how to use them in your online communication. 😍

🥑 Avocado avocado, fruit, food


🍼 Baby Bottle baby_bottle, food, container, milk


🥓 Bacon bacon, food, breakfast, pork, pig, meat, brunch


🥖 Baguette Bread baguette_bread, food, bread, french, france, bakery


🍌 Banana banana, fruit, food, monkey


🍺 Beer Mug beer_mug, relax, beverage, drink, drunk, party, pub, summer, alcohol, booze


🍱 Bento Box bento_box, food, japanese, box, lunch


💙 Blue Heart blue_heart, love, like, affection, valentines


🍾 Bottle with Popping Cork bottle_with_popping_cork, drink, wine, bottle, celebration


🍞 Bread bread, food, wheat, breakfast, toast


🥦 Broccoli broccoli, fruit, food, vegetable


💔 Broken Heart broken_heart, sad, sorry, break, heart, heartbreak


🌯 Burrito burrito, food, mexican


🍬 Candy candy, snack, dessert, sweet, lolly


🥕 Carrot carrot, vegetable, food, orange


🧀 Cheese Wedge cheese_wedge, food, chadder, swiss


🌰 Chestnut chestnut, food, squirrel


🍫 Chocolate Bar chocolate_bar, food, snack, dessert, sweet


👏 Clapping Hands clapping_hands, hands, praise, applause, congrats, yay


🍻 Clinking Beer Mugs clinking_beer_mugs, relax, beverage, drink, drunk, party, pub, summer, alcohol, booze


🥂 Clinking Glasses clinking_glasses, beverage, drink, party, alcohol, celebrate, cheers, wine, champagne, toast


🍸 Cocktail Glass cocktail_glass, drink, drunk, alcohol, beverage, booze, mojito


🍳 Cooking cooking, food, breakfast, kitchen, egg, skillet


🆒 Squared Cool cool_button, words, blue-square


🥐 Croissant croissant, food, bread, french


🥒 Cucumber cucumber, fruit, food, pickle


🍛 Curry Rice curry_rice, food, spicy, hot, indian


🥩 Cut of Meat cut_of_meat, food, cow, meat, cut, chop, lambchop, porkchop


🍩 Doughnut doughnut, food, dessert, snack, sweet, donut


🌽 Ear of Corn ear_of_corn, food, vegetable, plant


🥚 Egg egg, food, chicken, breakfast


🍆 Eggplant eggplant, vegetable, nature, food, aubergine


👀 Eyes eyes, look, watch, stalk, peek, see


😘 Face Blowing a Kiss face_blowing_a_kiss, face, love, like, affection, valentines, infatuation, kiss


😂 Face with Tears of Joy face_with_tears_of_joy, face, cry, tears, weep, happy, happytears, haha


🧆 Falafel falafel, food, mediterranean


🔥 Fire fire, hot, cook, flame


🍥 Fish Cake with Swirl fish_cake_with_swirl, food, japan, sea, beach, narutomaki, pink, swirl, kamaboko, surimi, ramen


🙏 Folded Hands folded_hands, please, hope, wish, namaste, highfive, pray, thank you, thanks, appreciate


🍽️ Fork and Knife with Plate fork_and_knife_with_plate, food, eat, meal, lunch, dinner, restaurant


🍴 Fork and Knife fork_and_knife, cutlery, kitchen


🍀 Four Leaf Clover four_leaf_clover, vegetable, plant, nature, lucky, irish


🍟 French Fries french_fries, chips, snack, fast food, potato


🍤 Fried Shrimp fried_shrimp, food, animal, appetizer, summer


🥛 Glass of Milk glass_of_milk, beverage, drink, cow


🌟 Star glowing_star, night, sparkle, awesome, good, magic


🍇 Grapes grapes, fruit, food, wine


💚 Green Heart green_heart, love, like, affection, valentines


🥗 Green Salad green_salad, food, healthy, lettuce, vegetable


😀 Grinning Face grinning_face, face, smile, happy, joy, :D, grin


💗 Growing Heart growing_heart, like, love, affection, valentines, pink


🍔 Hamburger hamburger, meat, fast food, beef, cheeseburger, mcdonalds, burger king


❤️‍🔥 Heart on Fire heart on fire, passionate, enthusiastic


🌺 Hibiscus hibiscus, plant, vegetable, flowers, beach


🍯 Honey Pot honey_pot, bees, sweet, kitchen


🌭 Hot Dog hot_dog, food, frankfurter, america


🌶️ Hot Pepper hot_pepper, food, spicy, chilli, chili


💯 Hundred Points hundred_points, score, perfect, numbers, century, exam, quiz, test, pass, hundred


🍋 Lemon lemon, fruit, nature


🍭 Lollipop lollipop, food, snack, candy, sweet


🍖 Meat on Bone meat_on_bone, good, food, drumstick


🍈 Melon melon, fruit, nature, food


🍄 Mushroom mushroom, plant, vegetable


🎶 Musical Notes musical_notes, music, score


🍢 Oden oden, food, japanese


🆗 Squared OK ok_button, good, agree, yes, blue-square


👌 OK Hand ok_hand, fingers, limbs, perfect, ok, okay


🥞 Pancakes pancakes, food, breakfast, flapjacks, hotcakes, brunch


🎉 Party Popper party_popper, party, congratulations, birthday, magic, circus, celebration, tada


🥜 Peanuts peanuts, food, nut


🍍 Pineapple pineapple, fruit, nature, food


🍕 Pizza pizza, food, party, italy


🍿 Popcorn popcorn, food, movie theater, films, snack, drama


🍲 Pot of Food pot_of_food, food, meat, soup, hot pot


🥔 Potato potato, food, tuber, vegatable, starch


🍗 Poultry Leg poultry_leg, food, meat, drumstick, bird, chicken, turkey


🥨 Pretzel pretzel, food, bread, twisted, germany, bakery


💜 Purple Heart purple_heart, love, like, affection, valentines


🌈 Rainbow rainbow, nature, happy, unicorn_face, photo, sky, spring


🙌 Raising Hands raising_hands, gesture, hooray, yea, celebration, hands


❤️ Red Heart red_heart, love, like, valentines


🍠 Roasted Sweet Potato roasted_sweet_potato, food, nature, plant


🥪 Sandwich sandwich, food, lunch, bread, toast, bakery


🍰 Shortcake shortcake, food, dessert


😍 Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes smiling_face_with_heart_eyes, face, love, like, affection, valentines, infatuation, crush, heart


😊 Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes, face, smile, happy, flushed, crush, embarrassed, shy, joy


😎 Smiling Face with Sunglasses smiling_face_with_sunglasses, face, cool, smile, summer, beach, sunglass


🍦 Soft Ice Cream soft_ice_cream, food, hot, dessert, summer


🍝 Spaghetti spaghetti, food, italian, pasta, noodle


Sparkles sparkles, stars, shine, shiny, cool, awesome, good, magic

🥄 Spoon spoon, cutlery, kitchen, tableware


🍜 Steaming Bowl steaming_bowl, food, japanese, noodle, chopsticks, ramen


🌞 Sun with Face sun_with_face, nature, morning, sky


☀️ Sun sun, weather, nature, brightness, summer, beach, spring


🍣 Sushi sushi, food, fish, japanese, rice


🌮 Taco taco, food, mexican


🍊 Tangerine tangerine, food, fruit, nature, orange


🤔 Thinking Face thinking_face, face, hmmm, think, consider


👍 Thumbs Up thumbs_up, thumbsup, yes, awesome, good, agree, accept, cool, hand, like, +1


🍅 Tomato tomato, fruit, vegetable, nature, food


🍹 Tropical Drink tropical_drink, beverage, cocktail, summer, beach, alcohol, booze, mojito


🥃 Tumbler Glass tumbler_glass, drink, beverage, drunk, alcohol, liquor, booze, bourbon, scotch, whisky, glass, shot


💕 Two Hearts two_hearts, love, like, affection, valentines, heart


🧇 Waffle waffle, food, breakfast, brunch


🍉 Watermelon watermelon, fruit, food, picnic, summer


🍷 Wine Glass wine_glass, drink, beverage, drunk, alcohol, booze


💛 Yellow Heart yellow_heart, love, like, affection, valentines


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