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The 🚗 automobile emoji

What is this emoji 🚗? The 🚗 emoji, also known as 'Automobile', depicts a small car typically used for personal transportation. It is often used to represent cars, driving, transportation, or travel. The emoji shows a small vehicle with four wheels and a sleek design, and it is commonly associated with road trips, commutes, or simply getting from one place to another.

Meaning of emoji 🚗?

Wondering What does the Automobile emoji mean on snapchat, twitter or text message? curious about receiving the 🚗 emoji from a guy or girl?

The 🚗 emoji is commonly used to represent cars or driving. It can signify a wide range of meanings depending on the context. It can indicate transportation, travel, road trips, commuting, or simply the act of driving. The emoji is also sometimes used to express a love for cars or to refer to automobiles in general.

How to use automobile emoji?

Here some automobile emoji usage examples:

The automobile related emojis?

✈️ Airplane airplane, vehicle, transportation, flight, fly


🚛 Delivery Truck articulated_lorry, vehicle, cars, transportation, express


🛺 Auto Rickshaw auto_rickshaw, move, transportation


🚗 Automobile automobile, red, transportation, vehicle


🚲 Bicycle bicycle, sports, bicycle, exercise, hipster


🚌 Bus bus, car, vehicle, transportation


🚚 Delivery Truck delivery_truck, cars, transportation


🕵️ Detective detective, human, spy, detective


🧐 Face with Monocle face_with_monocle, face, stuffy, wealthy


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🛴 Scooter kick_scooter, vehicle, kick, razor


🚂 Steam Locomotive locomotive, transportation, vehicle, train


🔍 Magnifying Glass Tilted Left magnifying_glass_tilted_left, search, zoom, find, detective


📝 Memo memo, write, documents, stationery, pencil, paper, writing, legal, exam, quiz, test, study, compose


🚐 Minibus minibus, vehicle, car, transportation


🛥️ Motor Boat motor_boat, ship


🛵 Motor Scooter motor_scooter, vehicle, vespa, sasha


🏍️ Motorcycle motorcycle, race, sports, fast


🤓 Nerd Face nerd_face, face, nerdy, geek, dork


🚘 Automobile oncoming_automobile, car, vehicle, transportation


🚍 Bus oncoming_bus, vehicle, transportation


🛳️ Passenger Ship passenger_ship, yacht, cruise, ferry


🛻 Delivery Truck pickup truck, car, transportation


🏎️ Racing Car racing_car, sports, race, fast, formula, f1


🚀 Rocket rocket, launch, ship, staffmode, NASA, outer space, outer_space, fly


Sailboat sailboat, ship, summer, transportation, water, sailing

🚤 Speedboat speedboat, ship, transportation, vehicle, summer


🚙 Automobile sport_utility_vehicle, transportation, vehicle


🚜 Tractor tractor, vehicle, car, farming, agriculture


🚆 Train train, transportation, vehicle


🚎 Bus trolleybus, bart, transportation, vehicle


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Extra information of automobile

Emoji version: 0.6
Unicode version: 0.6
Skin tone support: no
Updated 5/24/2024