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The 🧱 brick emoji

What is this emoji 🧱? The 🧱 emoji, also known as 'Brick', represents a rectangular building block typically made of clay or concrete. It is commonly used to symbolize construction, strength, stability, and durability. The emoji shows a solid brick with distinct edges and a uniform surface texture.

Meaning of emoji 🧱?

Wondering What does the Brick emoji mean on snapchat, twitter or text message? curious about receiving the 🧱 emoji from a guy or girl?

The 🧱 emoji can have different meanings depending on the context. It often represents the construction industry or building materials. It can also symbolize strength, resilience, or the building blocks of a solid foundation. Additionally, it may be used metaphorically to represent something that is tough, unyielding, or unbreakable.

How to use brick emoji?

Here some brick emoji usage examples:

The brick related emojis?

🪓 Axe axe, tool, chop, cut


🧱 Brick brick, bricks


🏗️ Building Construction building_construction, wip, working, progress


🚧 Construction Sign construction, wip, progress, caution, warning


🏚️ Derelict House derelict_house, abandon, evict, broken, building


🏭 Factory factory, building, industry, pollution, smoke


⚒️ Hammer and Pick hammer_and_pick, tools, build, create


🛠️ Hammer and Wrench hammer_and_wrench, tools, build, create


🔨 Hammer hammer, tools, build, create


🏡 House house_with_garden, home, plant, nature


🏠 House house, building, home


🏘️ Houses houses, buildings, photo


🔍 Magnifying Glass Tilted Left magnifying_glass_tilted_left, search, zoom, find, detective


👷‍♂️ Construction Worker: Male man_construction_worker, male, human, wip, guy, build, construction, worker, labor


🏢 Building office_building, building, bureau, work


🪨 Rock rock, stone


🧰 Toolbox toolbox, tools, diy, fix, maintainer, mechanic


👷‍♀️ Construction Worker: Woman woman_construction_worker, female, human, wip, build, construction, worker, labor, woman


🔧 Wrench wrench, tools, diy, ikea, fix, maintainer


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Extra information of brick

Emoji version: 11.0
Unicode version: 11.0
Skin tone support: no
Updated 5/7/2024