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The 🍒 cherries emoji

What is this emoji 🍒? The 🍒 emoji, also known as 'Cherries', depicts two small red fruits with a green stem. Cherries are a popular fruit known for their sweet and tangy flavor. The emoji is often used to represent cherries or to symbolize fruit in general. It can also be used metaphorically to represent sweetness, abundance, or something that comes in pairs.

Meaning of emoji 🍒?

Wondering What does the Cherries emoji mean on snapchat, twitter or text message? curious about receiving the 🍒 emoji from a guy or girl?

The 🍒 emoji is typically used to signify cherries or fruit in general. It can be used in conversations about food, desserts, or snacks. Additionally, the emoji can metaphorically represent sweetness, abundance, or something that comes in pairs. Its versatile nature allows it to be used in various contexts to convey different meanings.

How to use cherries emoji?

Here some cherries emoji usage examples:

The cherries related emojis?

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🍊 Tangerine tangerine, food, fruit, nature, orange


🍉 Watermelon watermelon, fruit, food, picnic, summer


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Extra information of cherries

Emoji version: 0.6
Unicode version: 0.6
Skin tone support: no
Updated 5/24/2024