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The ☁️ cloud emoji

What is this emoji ☁️? The ☁️ emoji, also known as 'Cloud', depicts a fluffy white cloud floating in the sky. It represents a visible mass of condensed water vapor that can bring rain, snow, or shade. The emoji shows a simple cloud shape, often with a light gray color. It is commonly used to refer to weather, the sky, or a dreamy and calm atmosphere.

Meaning of emoji ☁️?

Wondering What does the Cloud emoji mean on snapchat, twitter or text message? curious about receiving the ☁️ emoji from a guy or girl?

The ☁️ emoji is primarily used to signify clouds, weather, and the sky. It can be used to describe a cloudy day, predict rain or snowfall, or symbolize a calm and peaceful environment. The emoji can also be used metaphorically to represent thoughts, dreams, or a vague and hazy concept.

How to use cloud emoji?

Here some cloud emoji usage examples:

The cloud related emojis?

🏖️ Beach with Umbrella beach_with_umbrella, weather, summer, sunny, sand, mojito


🌼 Blossom blossom, nature, flowers, yellow


🌵 Cactus cactus, vegetable, plant, nature


🌸 Cherry Blossom cherry_blossom, nature, plant, spring, flower


🌂 Umbrella closed_umbrella, weather, rain, drizzle


⛈️ Cloud with Lightning and Rain cloud_with_lightning_and_rain, weather, lightning


🌩️ Cloud with Lightning cloud_with_lightning, weather, thunder


🌧️ Cloud with Rain cloud_with_rain, weather


🌨️ Cloud with Snow cloud_with_snow, weather


☁️ Cloud cloud, weather, sky


🌫️ Fog fog, weather


🌁 Foggy foggy, photo, mountain


🌺 Hibiscus hibiscus, plant, vegetable, flowers, beach


🌴 Palm Tree palm_tree, plant, vegetable, nature, summer, beach, mojito, tropical


🌹 Rose rose, flowers, valentines, love, spring


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❄️ Snowflake snowflake, winter, season, cold, weather, christmas, xmas


☃️ Snowman snowman, winter, season, cold, weather, christmas, xmas, frozen


Sun Behind Cloud sun_behind_cloud, weather, nature, cloudy, morning, fall, spring

🌥️ Sun Behind Large Cloud sun_behind_large_cloud, weather


🌦️ Sun Behind Rain Cloud sun_behind_rain_cloud, weather


🌤️ Sun Behind Small Cloud sun_behind_small_cloud, weather


🌞 Sun with Face sun_with_face, nature, morning, sky


🌻 Sunflower sunflower, nature, plant, fall


🌷 Tulip tulip, flowers, plant, nature, summer, spring


⛱️ Umbrella on Ground umbrella_on_ground, weather, summer


Umbrella with Rain Drops umbrella_with_rain_drops, rainy, weather, spring

🌬️ Wind Face wind_face, gust, air


Get cloud emoji code in HTML hex and more

9729 65039

Extra information of cloud

Emoji version: 0.6
Unicode version: 0.6
Skin tone support: no
Updated 5/24/2024