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The 👗 dress emoji

What is this emoji 👗? The 👗 emoji, also known as 'Dress', depicts a piece of clothing typically worn by women. It is often associated with fashion, style, and femininity. The emoji shows a sleeveless dress with a hemline that falls just above or below the knee, and it can vary in color and design.

Meaning of emoji 👗?

Wondering What does the Dress emoji mean on snapchat, twitter or text message? curious about receiving the 👗 emoji from a guy or girl?

The 👗 emoji is commonly used to refer to dresses, fashion, and clothing in general. It can be used to indicate someone's outfit or to express interest in shopping, dressing up, or attending a special occasion. Additionally, it may be used to symbolize femininity, elegance, or beauty.

How to use dress emoji?

Here some dress emoji usage examples:

The dress related emojis?

👙 Bikini bikini, swimming, female, woman, girl, fashion, beach, summer


👻 Ghost ghost, halloween, spooky, scary


👓 Glasses glasses, fashion, accessories, eyesight, nerdy, dork, geek


👜 Handbag handbag, fashion, accessory, accessories, shopping


👠 High-Heeled Shoe high_heeled_shoe, fashion, shoes, female, pumps, stiletto


💋 Kiss Mark kiss_mark, face, lips, love, like, affection, valentines


💄 Lipstick lipstick, female, girl, fashion, woman


💅 Nail Polish nail_polish, beauty, manicure, finger, fashion, nail


👯 Woman with Bunny Ears people_with_bunny_ears, perform, costume


🎀 Ribbon ribbon, decoration, pink, girl, bowtie


💍 Ring ring, wedding, propose, marriage, valentines, diamond, fashion, jewelry, gem, engagement


🛍️ Shopping Bags shopping_bags, mall, buy, purchase


👩‍🎨 Woman Artist woman_artist, painter, woman, human


👩‍🍳 Woman Cook woman_cook, chef, woman, human


💃 Woman Dancing woman_dancing, female, girl, woman, fun


👩‍🏭 Woman Factory Worker woman_factory_worker, assembly, industrial, woman, human


👩‍🌾 Woman Farmer woman_farmer, rancher, gardener, woman, human


👩‍⚕️ Woman Health Worker woman_health_worker, doctor, nurse, therapist, healthcare, woman, human


👩‍⚖️ Woman Judge woman_judge, justice, court, woman, human


👩‍🔧 Woman Mechanic woman_mechanic, plumber, woman, human, wrench


👩‍💼 Woman Office Worker woman_office_worker, business, manager, woman, human


👢 Boots woman_s_boot, shoes, fashion


👚 Woman's Clothes woman_s_clothes, fashion, shopping_bags, female


👒 Woman's Hat woman_s_hat, fashion, accessories, female, lady, spring


👡 Woman's Sandal woman_s_sandal, shoes, fashion, flip flops


👩‍🔬 Woman Scientist woman_scientist, biologist, chemist, engineer, physicist, woman, human


👩‍🎤 Singer woman_singer, rockstar, entertainer, woman, human


👩‍🎓 Woman Student woman_student, graduate, woman, human


👩‍🏫 Woman Teacher woman_teacher, instructor, professor, woman, human


👩‍💻 Woman Technologist woman_technologist, coder, developer, engineer, programmer, software, woman, human, laptop, computer


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Extra information of dress

Emoji version: 0.6
Unicode version: 0.6
Skin tone support: no
Updated 5/24/2024