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The 📧 e mail emoji

What is this emoji 📧? The 📧 emoji, also known as 'E-Mail', represents electronic mail or a digital message being sent. It depicts an envelope with a letter inside, symbolizing correspondence and communication via email. The emoji is commonly used to convey sending or receiving emails, electronic communication, or simply to represent the concept of mail in a digital context.

Meaning of emoji 📧?

Wondering What does the E-Mail emoji mean on snapchat, twitter or text message? curious about receiving the 📧 emoji from a guy or girl?

The 📧 emoji is primarily used to represent email or electronic mail. It can be used to indicate sending or receiving messages through digital platforms, such as email services or messaging apps. In a broader context, it can also represent virtual communication, written correspondence, or staying in touch through technology.

How to use e mail emoji?

Here some e mail emoji usage examples:

The e mail related emojis?

🗂️ File Folder card_index_dividers, organizing, business, stationery


📉 Chart Decreasing chart_decreasing, graph, presentation, stats, recession, business, economics, money, sales, bad, failure


📪 Closed Mailbox with Lowered Flag closed_mailbox_with_lowered_flag, email, communication, inbox


📫 Closed Mailbox with Raised Flag closed_mailbox_with_raised_flag, email, inbox, communication


🕵️ Detective detective, human, spy, detective


📧 E-Mail e_mail, communication, inbox


📩 Envelope with Arrow envelope_with_arrow, email, communication


✉️ Envelope envelope, letter, postal, inbox, communication


🧐 Face with Monocle face_with_monocle, face, stuffy, wealthy


🖋️ Fountain Pen fountain_pen, stationery, writing, write


📥 Inbox Tray inbox_tray, email, documents


📨 Incoming Envelope incoming_envelope, email, inbox


💌 Love Letter love_letter, email, like, affection, envelope, valentines


🔍 Magnifying Glass Tilted Left magnifying_glass_tilted_left, search, zoom, find, detective


📝 Memo memo, write, documents, stationery, pencil, paper, writing, legal, exam, quiz, test, study, compose


🤓 Nerd Face nerd_face, face, nerdy, geek, dork


📭 Open Mailbox with Raised Flag open_mailbox_with_lowered_flag, email, inbox


📬 Open Mailbox with Raised Flag open_mailbox_with_raised_flag, email, inbox, communication


📤 Outbox Tray outbox_tray, inbox, email


📮 Postbox postbox, email, letter, envelope


📜 Scroll scroll, documents, ancient, history, paper


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Extra information of e mail

Emoji version: 0.6
Unicode version: 0.6
Skin tone support: no
Updated 5/24/2024