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The 😮‍💨 face exhaling emoji

What is this emoji 😮‍💨? The 😮‍💨 emoji, also known as 'Face Exhaling', depicts a face with a cloud of air coming out of its mouth. It is commonly used to express a sigh of relief, disappointment, or exhaustion. The emoji shows a face with wide open eyes and a small cloud-like shape representing the exhaling breath.

Meaning of emoji 😮‍💨?

Wondering What does the Face Exhaling emoji mean on snapchat, twitter or text message? curious about receiving the 😮‍💨 emoji from a guy or girl?

The 😮‍💨 emoji can have different meanings depending on the context. It is often used to convey a sense of relief after a stressful or challenging situation. It can also express disappointment or exhaustion. Additionally, it can be used to indicate boredom or lack of interest.

How to use face exhaling emoji?

Here some face exhaling emoji usage examples:

The face exhaling related emojis?

😧 Anguished Face anguished_face, face, stunned, nervous


😰 Anxious Face with Sweat anxious_face_with_sweat, face, nervous, sweat


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😮 Face with Open Mouth face_with_open_mouth, face, surprise, impressed, wow, whoa, :O


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😦 Frowning Face with Open Mouth frowning_face_with_open_mouth, face, aw, what


😬 Grimacing Face grimacing_face, face, grimace, teeth


😅 Grinning Face with Sweat grinning_face_with_sweat, face, hot, happy, laugh, sweat, smile, relief


😆 Grinning Squinting Face grinning_squinting_face, happy, joy, lol, satisfied, haha, face, glad, XD, laugh


😯 Hushed Face hushed_face, face, woo, shh


😭 Loudly Crying Face loudly_crying_face, face, cry, tears, sad, upset, depressed


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😣 Persevering Face persevering_face, face, sick, no, upset, oops


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😇 Smiling Face with Halo smiling_face_with_halo, face, angel, heaven, halo, innocent


😊 Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes, face, smile, happy, flushed, crush, embarrassed, shy, joy


😫 Tired Face tired_face, sick, whine, upset, frustrated


🙀 Weary Cat Face weary_cat, animal, cats, munch, scared, scream


😩 Weary Face weary_face, face, tired, sleepy, sad, frustrated, upset


😟 Worried Face worried_face, face, concern, nervous, :(


Get face exhaling emoji code in HTML hex and more

128558 8205 128168

Extra information of face exhaling

Emoji version: 13.1
Unicode version: 13.1
Skin tone support: no
Updated 5/24/2024