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The flat shoe emoji

What is this emoji 正? The 正 emoji, also known as 'Flat Shoe', represents a comfortable and stylish women's shoe. It is commonly used to symbolize fashion, footwear, or a casual yet elegant style. The emoji shows a flat shoe with a closed upper and typically a low heel or no heel at all. It is often used in discussions about fashion, shopping, or personal style.

Meaning of emoji 正?

Wondering What does the Flat Shoe emoji mean on snapchat, twitter or text message? curious about receiving the 正 emoji from a guy or girl?

The 正 emoji can have different meanings depending on the context. It can represent shoes in general, women's fashion, or a specific shoe style. It may also convey a sense of comfort and relaxation. Additionally, it can be used to show a preference for comfortable footwear or a casual dress code.

How to use flat shoe emoji?

Here some flat shoe emoji usage examples:

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Extra information of flat shoe

Emoji version: 11.0
Unicode version: 11.0
Skin tone support: no
Updated 6/15/2024